What to expect at Metal in the Mountains in 2020

Nov 23, 2019Music Corner

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It’s still early in the game, but if what’s been released we can perhaps get a glimpse of what to expect at Metal in the Mountains in 2020.

Friday’s headliner, Attila, has been announced and everyone is waiting patiently who will be the headliner for Saturday and Sunday.

With almost 50 acts this year it is going to the heights of ecstasy and beyond as Sunflower Dead was added to the lineup as well as Monster Dolls are part of the events over the weekend on June 5th through the 7th!

And the prices for Metal in the Mountains in 2020 are unheard off, that is if you don’t sleep on them this coming Black Friday.

Tickets going on sale November 29th at 12 AM for the Deal of the century that only lasts till 11:59 PM that night then prices will go up.

Don’t get caught sleeping on this deal:

$99 VIP and $49 GA and yes these are 3 day passes.

I for one am totally looking forward to the weekend, camping with friends nearby and then hanging out with everyone at the venue. Here’s a brief article about Metal in The Mountains 2019!

But the promoter is hellbent on keeping everyone on their toes because he may or may not have announcements on the daily or weekly.

So be sure to go like the Facebook Page so you can stay up-to-date with what’s happening and any new releases that are announced. And be sure to come to check the blog regularly for any new updates I’ll be sharing with you!



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