Metal at Atlas! Sentius, Flood the Asylum, Snipers of Babel

Jul 13, 2019Music Corner

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Metal at Atlas Brewery was definitely a fun night with great bands and friends! When you find a band you like, ok maybe, love is more appropriate, you will travel to see them.

Before I dive into the music, I want to tell you about the beer I had. Hells Lager was perhaps the closes to a German beer I have had in a seriously long time. Two beers and I was good for the night – a third one would have put me over the top probably.

And I appreciate Atlas Bewery for openly supporting the LBTGQ community!

But now let’s talk about the music – the reason we drive close to 3 hours (and then turn around that night to go home).

Snipers of Babel

We came across Snipers of Babel during our time at Metal in the Mountains and I absolutely fell in love with their music – but also the people.

And since DC is only a few hours from where we are, we got in the car and drop up to Atlas Brewery to support them and hang out with them.

You welcoming us like we’re family left me in awe. We love music and we loving supporting the arts. And if it means to drive a few hours to show our support, we will.

Flood the Asylum

But first, this little firecracker Melissa blew me away with her band Flood the Asylum.

There is definitely something to going to local music shows because there are some hidden gems you won’t find at the big venues. And they just up in Fredericksburg, so I am looking forward to seeing them again in the future.

And then it was Snipers of Babel’s turn to bring it – and they did.

I love the duality of what they are brining to the music table its light and dark at the same time.

I appreciate them singing Redemption for me (yep they gave that shoutout) as that is currently my favorite song.


And what can I say about Sentius?

Other than that they played some Sepultura – which in fact has been way to long since I’ve listened to them – they were superb.

Again, going to the smaller venues often brings the greatest joy when you love music.

And now I got my eye on two additional bands to support from near and far.

Check them out here:

Sentius (VA)

Floods The Asylum (Fredericksburg, VA)

Snipers of Babel (DC)


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