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I recently went to Another Round Bar & Grill in Richmond to go to this show, headlined by Eyes to the Sun. And man I knew what to expect from a few bands but I also had some amazing surprises on bands I had not heard before.

Eyes to the Sun

The line up for this show was pretty amazing. I was already familiar with Seasons, Gravebound, Eyes to the Sun and Black Ritual.

Although I was sad to hear that Black Ritual couldn’t make it due to medical issues.

I wasn’t however familiar with Blackwater Drowning and Murdersome.


Murdersome from Richmond VA

Let’s talk about Murdersome – and I was pleasantly surprised. The band formed in 2016 and is an aggressive Speed/ Thrash metal band from Richmond, VA.

As they began to play, I was time traveling to the days when the 80’s reigned with their Speed/Trash metal.

Yes, please take this as a compliment. I had one of those moments, where I was like, wait who is this – something was familiar and so different. And it was good.

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Jarod Silvey GraveBound

Richmond-based Metalcore band, GraveBound was formed in early spring of 2019. Created from the ashes of the band Heard By Eyes, the newly re-branded GraveBound have reset their sights on the tense issues of today.

With a passion for heavy music and a love for people, the quartet hopes to tackle socio-economic issues like depression and self-doubt head-on.

When you go see them live, you will feel this without question. There’s so much emotion coming through from all of them not just for the love of music but they connect with their lyrics and songs on a level that words can’t describe but you certainly can feel once they hit the stage.

They just released their EP “Phobia” so be sure to check that out on apple music and spotify.

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Blackwater Drowning

Blackwater Drowning

Blackwater Drowning, a metal band from western NC blending equal measures of melodic and aggressive elements to form a sound that has something to offer every listener. 

I’m always in awe when women can growl like crazy and then still sing like a birdsong. Blackwater Drowning was a pleasant surprise and I am looking forward to seeing them again in the future. There’s something about balancing the melodic and aggressiveness of metal and still make it sound amazing.

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Mark Spivey Seasons

And of course, one of the key reasons I was at the show is because Seasons was playing.

Formed in 2017, the band SEASONS started out with 5 dedicated musicians that all have had previous successful bands and a strong passion for performing high energy shows and top notch influential songs.

When Seasons talks about being high energy, they are not lying. They bring their game every single time. I know they’ll only be playing a few more shows this year because they have some work to get done i.e. write those songs. So if you have a chance, do check them out.

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Eyes to the Sun

Eyes to the Sun

Formed in 2010, Eyes to the Sun is Scot Long (Guitar, Vocals), Garrett Grubbs (Bass, Vocals), Ben Rinker (Guitar, Vocals ), and Jason Brown (Drums), who amongst them have a combined 60 years of bringing metal to stages in the Richmond area and beyond. 

The Richmond, VA band is blending styles such as Melodic Death Metal, Thrash and Metalcore. And boy do they bring it to the table. Jason Brown is a beast on those drums and combined with everyone else, they know how to get to you. Seriously, if you ever have a chance to see them DO IT.

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