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Where Rebels, Creative and Multi-passionate people go to achieve their goals so they can create the life they want!

You know you want to create a life that feels true to who you are. A life that gives you meaning and purpose.

At your core, you know it can’t all just be about existing and survival. You want more. You want different. You want to live your truth unapologetically.

Some part of you believes it is possible that “one day” or “someday” the dreams you hold inside will be a reality – when you learned all there is to learn and everything is perfect.

You have ideas, so many ideas but just the pure thought of taking action and putting them out there feels incredibly overwhelming. And let’s not forget about the doubt that decides to keep you company. Or the stories that you keep telling yourself over and over again of why in fact your dreams cannot be real.

And you’re reached your point of enoughness. The emotional rock bottom of being done doing the life in a way that doesn’t feel supportive of who you are.

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You can rewrite your stories so that you can trust yourself and unleash the amazing things you can and want to do.

You can show up for yourself and create the life you want and leave behind the pieces that don’t align or support you in your journey.

You can unlock the courage – to be brave to share your awesomeness with the world and make an impact standing in your truth!

Permit yourself to remove all that isn’t currently working in your life – yes sometimes it means to burn it all down and start over – and sometimes it’s just removing the layers down to the foundation and rebuild from there.

Life is an adventure with detours but those detours help you uncover the kind of life that you want to create.

You just have to commit to yourself and your dreams and be willing to show up and to do the work – and I am not going to say it won’t be messy (because it will be) – I am saying that just existing in this life will not bring you peaceful happiness you are seeking.

The Rebel’s Den is the home for creatives, rebels, multi-passionates. Here you can get into the heart of things to discover your dreams + goals and get clear on the life you want to create. You set up your own personal framework and break free from fear, doubt, and overwhelm so you can finally show up for yourself and your life.

I’m Petra Monaco and the founder of The Rebels Den. But I am also a published author, artist, entrepreneur, mom and breaks the status quo for fun. As a foster kid, I know the challenges and excuses people make because I faced them when I worked my way through to become a Master’s level therapist.

However, after watching my son fight for his life due to a rare genetic disorder and three liver transplants, I knew life was meant for more and it was time to stop waiting for “one day” and the “perfect moments’ to start creating the life they want now.

I know that deep down you want to unleash your creative wild side because you’ve been talking about it for ages – the art you are going to make, the book you’re going to write, the business you’re going to start – and live your life, not just exist in it.


Create the Life you Want and make an impact while you’re at it!

How to keep your sanity

Goal Setting Tool Kit

This 7 Day Goal Planning Challenge helps you get clear on your goals, why you want to achieve them and uncover the reasons you might procrastinate, and my process on how to reduce overwhelm.

The Rebels Den Services and offerings


Creating the life you want takes grit and tenacity and you don’t have to do it alone!

You can work with me through 1:1 coaching, or VIP Days, and the accountability you need.

4 things you need to know about starting a business

Business Support

Don’t let the technical side of things overwhelm you and have me in your back pocket to set things up for you.

I also offer some done for your business support such as website, funnel, or course set up!

Just had a really great conversation with Petra Monaco! This lady is pure brilliance & heart. Her patience & amazingness makes her a clear beacon of hope. My soul gravitates to people who care about others. What an honor it is to know this great woman.

“The money will follow the good work you do” – Petra Monaco

Trezelle Morgain

Petra is a breakthrough coach. She opens up anything old and unneeded within you to help you jump and leap into all of who you are. She helps you dive deeply into the heart of things in order to discover your next steps. This in turn creates greater courage and realness that comes from within. I can’t thank her enough. I will of course stay in touch and connect with her should anything else come up.

Aishwarya L.

I thought I knew what Petra was going to share with me when I booked a session with her, boy was I surprised! She listened to me, without judgment, and gave me things to take action on right away that made a real difference. Feeling overwhelmed and putting myself last was my daily reaction to everything that has to be done, and I thought I had dealt with a lot of these things a long time ago. Petra’s help inspired me to set up a new framework so that I can get things done AND take care of me. Have a conversation with her, I recommend it!

Julia R.

Petra is a great support by offering a practical plan to clear away personal road blocks so I can stay connected with my true intention and goal.

Kerry L.

This is why I love you!!! You call bullshit when it’s needed! Since our talk the other day I have made a CONSCIOUS effort to CHOOSE how I feel, to CHOOSE to let go of the shit I’ve been holding onto that I thought I let go of a long time ago, whoops guess not! lol and to put myself out there even more, not let a damn thing hold me back from the life I want and deserve and I’m feeling fanfuckingtabulous!!!!

Lulu A.

Petra has amazing energy, spirit, and honesty that provided space for clarity and remove stickiness from my life. She's warm, smart, and compassionate coupled with a fantastic laugh that inspires you into action and removing doubt.

Michelle McClintock

Petra has been a true lifesaver. I came to her with a website that had many issues I was unable to fix. Petra fixed them quickly and taught me a few things in the process. I have been utilizing Petra’s expertise for a while now and I’m pleased beyond my expectations. She’s affordable, professional, and a pleasure to do business with. Because of her vast knowledge, affordability, and quality of work, I will continue to hire and refer others to Petra!

Thank you, Petra for all you do!

Nahkila Isha'

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