How Does Physical Branding Translate To The Modern Attention Economy?

It’s clear just how much our attention is vied for in the modern marketplace. When we have many apps, streaming services, products, experiences, and more all hoping to glean a little more of our engagement, it’s hard not to view this as a complete war on the senses. We’ve all become accustomed to it, and in some cases quite adept at filtering it out. You might watch an entire run of advertisements before a movie showing in your local cinema, but ultimately tune them all out as you think about other things.

Moreover, because our attention economy is often so fixated on our smartphones, devices, and digital advertising profiles curated by our online footprint, it’s easy to assume printed branding just doesn’t have the pull it once had. However, this would be incorrect.

In this post, we’ll discuss how to think about and optimize your brand’s offline promotional methods, restoring a little analog reality into the customers you try to encourage and inspire towards your products:

Packaging Matters

They say never to judge a book by its cover, but many of us have. Of course, that saying isn’t entirely about books, but the truth is we all fall short of this golden principle. This means that your packaging is important. Make it sleek, refined, clearly demonstrative of your point, don’t lose out on character, and use custom label printing to make differences clear. This way, a tangible, physical object on a shelf is more appealing than any digital or social media ad.

Design Attractive Storefronts

The art of a good storefront might seem lost in the digital age, but that’s just not true. We’ve all walked past a lovely bakery with smells that simply cannot be matched inviting us in, have seen the winter coat collection proudly displayed in the window of a boutique store, or see how clean, comfortable and well-designed a salon or barber’s is. An attractive storefront, if you have one, should be rotating, well-lit, and tailored to your audience. Don’t be afraid to plan and manage that to your needs, you may be surprised how functional it can be.

Develop Branded Pop-Up Events

There’s one thing the ever-constant availability of online live rarely provides – something limited, something to look forward to, something to become excited by. Pop-up events are a perfect means of engaging with a local community and their limited nature makes them important and interesting. This doesn’t have to be so overly pretentious, simply attending a local food festival with some of your creations can be a wonderful idea. Or, launching your product at a local business convention could interest and excite the businesses in your area you serve. Branded pop-up events also give you an excuse to showcase your creativity, be that with booth design, demonstrations, presentations, or samples. This way, you bring your value outside of the digital space a little, although of course, video coverage for the benefit of those who couldn’t make it doesn’t hurt.

With this advice, you’re sure to brand in line with the needs of the modern attention economy.

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