Conquer your frustration is a sign of rebellion

Conquer your frustration is a sign of rebellion

Conquer your frustration is a sign of rebellion because you are no longer willing to live a life that is mediocre. I have quite a bit of experience when it comes to dealing with frustration.

As a matter of fact, I have a lifetime worth of experience with it. It is as if I trained for a frustration marathon and I have completely and utterly mastered the skill.

Experiencing frustration initially is well umm frustrating for a lack of a better word. And yet, it is an amazing moment for growth. So here are some of the key points I learned to move and grow!

Allow yourself to ask why

For example: Why am I broke? I am broke because I don’t earn enough money! Why are you not earning enough money?

Because I haven’t applied for that new job. Or because I haven’t completed my training.

Just keep asking yourself why until you get to the answer that sort of tells you exactly what it is that you need to do to change your current situation!

Frustration is only temporary

You are truly only frustrated at the moment. One of my biggest frustrations is when I am driving and people aren’t using blinkers, stopping at stop signs or go the speed limit. But you know, at some point I will not be traveling the same way as them alas it’s truly only temporary.

Your current job or frustration about a relationship are also only temporary – at least until you are ready to do something about them.

Frustration is part of reality

We all get frustrated about love, money, not enough sleep or maybe even people in general. It’s truly part of life.

The challenge is what are you doing with this frustration. Are you staying in a grumpy zone or are you using it as a learning/teaching moment that allows you to grow?

I used to be frustrated about money so damn much that I got tired of it and started working on my money issues. I learned so much about me, my story and how I can change my frustration into something positive.

Frustration helps you shift focus

Look for the cause of your frustration! Sometimes it is because you have no focal point that you can guide yourself too. If you are frustrated with your relationship, going through the process of asking yourself why, will help you shift your focus and show you what it is you need to do or work on.

Frustration motivates you

When you get so sick and tired of being frustrated you are motivated to change it. For instance, I know exactly when traffic is the heaviest on my way into town and so I tend to leave a few minutes earlier to not get stuck and allow myself to get frustrated.

When I was tired of being broke, I worked on my money stuff and improved my income and reduced my debt. It literally will get you inspired to make a change!

I created this little workbook to help you get to conquer your frustration because you can have a different life if you’re willing to do the work.

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