Headbangers Halloween in the ‘Ville

Friday, October 25th, Headbangers Halloween came to the ‘Ville hosted by Ghost Logic at the Jefferson Ale House. Featuring Tarrare, Firebrand, The Panic Broadcast, Two Sides of Me, and Illist!!!

Tarrare kicked it off with their hardcore punk with splashes of grunge and stoner metal. Tristan Johnson (Guitar and Vocals), Ian Clickner (Bass and Vocals) and Mathes Glymph (Drums) brought their game face to their first show ever. The band formed about two months ago and I had the honor and pleasure to interview them.

Next up was Firebrand – composed of Adam Livesay and Matthew McBee on guitar, Josh Sprouse on bass, Branden Thomas on drums, and Stephen Arlen on vocals all from different walks straight out of Harrisonburg. Blending post-hardcore emo with their own spin on instrumentation will leave you wondering about the stories of loss and redemption they share on stage.

I was excited to see The Panic Broadcast once again with Mike (vocals) Matt (Guitar) and Mike (drums) bringing their straight-up groove-metal from Waynesboro and making the mosh pit going in circles.

But what brought me towards the crowed was Two Sides of Me. Having never seen them live before, I was immediately drawn in. This band is mixed genre band from central Virginia – but on that night brought their heavier side to the show.

Their style is a mix of post-hardcore, pop-punk, and metal style music with a mission to share a positive message through the community. Check out the interview I did with them right after the show.

And the headliner – oh Illist did not disappoint evidenced by a raging mosh pit and yes you had to be there.

Illist is a metalcore band based in Lynchburg, Virginia and started its journey in 2017 as a passion project for Cecil Johnson. The group: Micah Elias (Vocals) Jerod Folk (Guitar), Taylor Youstra (Bass) and Cecil (Drums) – spend time working out their grove are from ambient leads to heavy breakdowns – smooth cleans, to nasty low screams – there’s something here for everyone.

If you were looking for metal music in the ‘Ville and missed out on the Headbangers Halloween be sure to like the page from Ghost Logic because they are determined to bring heavy metal back with regular events/

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