1st Annual Rocking for Recovery Event

I recently had a brief chat about being involved with the 1st Annual Rocking for Recovery Event. While we haven’t quite hashed out the details just yet, I thought I would share a snippet of my story and then tell you about the event!

My father was an alcoholic. He knew it but didn’t care to do anything about it. From the time I was born until he was 13, he was hit by a car several times walking across the street in his drunken stupor. That last one, he almost lost his legs and ended up with titanium instead. But it hadn’t changed his mind on drinking.

When I was 17, I had asked my dad why I grew up in foster care and wasn’t raised by him, since clearly he could keep a job and a clean home. He said to me:

I didn’t want to give up my drinking and live on welfare.

I don’t usually think about the impact his drinking had on my life but I’d be lying if I said it didn’t. Because I too once struggled with alcohol and the impact it had on my life. And it took a DUI to be my wakeup call.

I am not the only one in this world impacted by addiction. I have friends who are struggling every day. I have friends who have been sober for a few months and a few years. And every day, demons are fought and every day there are organizations out there doing their best to help!

And now Richmond and Another Round Bar and Grill will be hosting the first annual Rocking for Recovery event. From the Events page itself:

As a musician who is in recovery from substance use. I wanted to give back to the local recovery organizations that were there for me and others when it mattered the most.

Thru donations and fundraisers, they are able to provide a safe place for addicts to detox and receive the care they need in early recovery. As well as provide housing and support.

I threw out the idea of doing a Metal show with proceeds going to this nonprofit, and the amount of support was overwhelming.

So here it is March 28th 2020 be ready to get down at Another Round with eleven bands of the best metal from Richmond, Fredericksburg, and North Carolina. $10 donation at door.

A Guitar will be raffled day of the event that will be signed by all the bands involved.

Here’s what you can expect to hear!

Rocking for Recovery

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