Gravebound EP Release was jammed packed

Gravebounds EP has been climbing the ladder of the Billboard Hard rock Music – and made it to #77! And it’s well deserved. And now we were able to join in their Headlining Release at the Canal Club.

I was at the event filled with amazing talent and high energy performances from Firebrand, Varia, Misgiving, GFM, Seasons and Gravebound.

This was my first time seeing Firebrand and if you’re wondering what their name stands for its this:

Firebrand is a band of four people from different walks of life sharing stories of loss & redemption with a blend of post-hardcore emo. And the band members include Adam Livesay on guitar, Josh Sprouse on bass, Andrew Tomassone on drums, and Stephen Arlen on vocals. 



1. one who is passionate about a cause, typically inciting change and taking radical action

2. a post-hardcore emo band form Virginia

Check them out here and go give their Facebook Page a like!

Another new one to me was Varia – and yes I like it and according to their Facebook page this is what they have to say about themselves!

Formed in secret, we are a brand new Melodic / Post Hardcore band from Virginia called Varia (pronounced vair-ee-uhh) striving to bring you the best and most authentic music that we can. Our debut EP, “In Time We All Unravel” is available now on all major streaming platforms.

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Performing with his high-energy as I’ve seen them before, Misgivings did not disappoint with their performance. And the best I can tell you is that they are a metal core band out of Richmond, VA combining the heavy with the lyrical.

There is an interview coming up on October 14th, so be sure to tune in as I chat with Tyler and Jospeh about all the things.

And it’s always a pleasure to see Gold, Frankincense & Myrrh perform and their mission is simple: They are a new breed rising, they are beautycore. But honestly they are so much more than just that because they aren’t just you’re average teenagers or typical girl band.

From their website:

With their music, GFM wants to show that women and young people can play music.  Music can be encouraging and not just negative.  GFM is breaking boundaries in so many areas of the music industry, and in doing so, they are bringing life back to rock and metal.  The girls want to show the growth they’ve experienced through their music.  They believe in being open with the fans and showing them the worst and best sides of themselves.  They hope to encourage the listeners, help them keep fighting as they are not alone, and they wish to help others become more established in their faith.

I will be releasing an interview that I did with their mom about the journey and the support she’s been able to give them as the three follow their dreams.

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And if you’ve been around here for awhile than you will have heard me talk about Seasons a lot – and this is for many reasons perhaps as those guys definitely have become family this past year.

In typical Seasons fashion they have won the crowed over once again by getting all the kids on stage with them.

And it was awesome seeing so many of them bang their head and enjoy the music – just like the adults do!

There will be a new interview released in the next few weeks – and specifically we are talking about their latest song, High Five and Hand Grenades – check out the video here and don’t forget to subscribe!

And in the meantime, you can connect with them on Facebook and Instagram!

And now it’s all about the headliner, Gravebound where music is their passion and dream. And it shows every time they hit the stage and the interaction with their fan base as well as fellow musicians.

The Gravebound EP as made it to the billboard charts and I don’t think it will be the last time as they are here to make an impact.

With a passion for heavy music and a love for people, the quartet hopes to tackle socio-economic issues like depression and self-doubt head-on.

Richmond-based Metalcore band, GraveBound was formed in early spring of 2019. Created from the ashes of the band Heard By Eyes, the newly re-branded GraveBound have reset their sights on the tense issues of today.

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