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Mar 19, 2019Music Corner

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I actually had a hard time coming up with a song for today until I realize that Voices by Motionless in White kept playing on repeat in my head. I often wake up with songs in my head and believe they are a message to me – except I don’t always know what it means. If you are new here, every week I share a song with you that has or has had an impact in some way.

Anyway, why Voices?

I have struggled to fit in my entire life and even at 44 and having pretty much found my way, I still don’t fit into the world.

I think differently.
My perspective is different.
I show emotions differently – although my face is often a dead give away.

And 90% of the time I am good with all of this.

And that other 10% is filled with voices in my head about the pain I caused, the self-destruction I lived in, the war that raged on and on and on about why I didn’t or don’t deserve to have a life that I want.

It’s a small part these days but it exists nonetheless because trauma leaves behind the residue of the hurt and pain inflicted. Trauma has an ugly way of risking like black smoke as you walk along the meadow looking for peace.

And there is a judgment on those that endured trauma as if we did something to cause it. As if we are the reasons that someone hurt us – be it emotionally or physically.

And Voices allows me to feel all of it from the inside out. It grabs a hold of me, acknowledging the turmoil on the inside and gives me the space to heal just a little more. One breathe at a time.

Do you have a song that you connect to that you would like to write about? Go ahead and email me with your song story and we’ll publish it the next round!


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