The White Collar Sideshow is a husband and wife duo that bring stories to music and film from real-life stories filled with imagination and consider themselves Shock’n’Roll. Which may just be a macabre mash-up of country, rock, metal and industrial influences. I had the pleasure of talking with TD to talk about his journey and so much more.

What I absolutely love about them is that the overall and underlying message is that you are not alone wherever you are in your journey no matter what you are going through. TD gets personal sharing moments of his journey and how he found himself getting back up after falling again and again.

Their latest release “I didn’t come here to die” certainly shares that sentiment without question. I Didn’t Come Here to Die was recorded with Chris Baseford (Rob Zombie, John 5, Nickelback, Avril Lavigne and more) in Los Angeles.

“Music and Film have become our excuse to hang out with people. Together we can share our stories to help each other realize we are not alone. ”

— TD and Veronica Benton (from their website)

Their work has been noted to be influenced by Rob Zombie and Nine Inch nails and I for one cannot wait and see what White Collar Sideshow is bringing to Metal in the Mountains on SAT, JUN 6, 2020!

Until then go visit their website and go check them out some more, maybe get some merch while you are there! And when you’re done, go like their Facebook Page!

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