Seasons is here to bring it (and take names doing it)

A backstory if you will … I encountered the guys at the beginning of 2019 and learned real quick that Seasons is here to bring it, when I reached out to them for an interview because one thing is clear, they love to show their fans their gratitude. It all started with Kevin Yates from FYM Reacts and sharing his reaction to one of their songs and next thing you know there was a fundraiser to bring Kevin to the US from the UK to Metal in the Mountains.

Since that first interaction, I been to almost every single show watching them bring their energy, the metalcore music that speaks to a lot of us and of course instigating the crowed to throw it down in the pit.

They recently released their new song Violence is a Virtue and debut their music video to the song.

Up until its release, “Call Me Karma” was my top song by them because it spoke to parts of me that I can relate to – always being the outsider of sort if you will but “Violence is a Virtue” has now taken the lead because the message is one that I absolutely believe in.

It’s time that we stop conforming to the rules of society and recognize and know our own potential and let go of the rules that limit ourselves. Ok it may not be their exact words, but that’s totally my feeling and meaning about this song.

During this last year, something I love about the guys is that they are here to bring it (and take names doing it)! And they are willing to do what it takes to achieve the ultimate dream. They have gone through challenges and faced them which makes the release of Violence is a Virtue pretty epic in my book.

I mean one of the coolest things that may have come out of the Violence is a Virtue release is the fact that it is the walkout song of All Elite Wrestling’s Alan Angels!

Formed in 2017, the metalcore band Seasons started out with five dedicated musicians that all have a strong passion for performing energetic shows and crafting top-notch influential songs. Seasons is a high level, crowd entertaining band that will not disappoint when it is time for performing on stage. Whether in front of 15 people or 1500 people, Seasons is known for the exact same stage presence which is described as “in your face.” With each member being a veteran to performing, you can expect tight transitions and an overwhelming stage presence. Every member of Seasons strives to put on a memorable performance to thrill the crowd.

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