Adam Warren of Oceano

Feb 8, 2021Music Corner

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For Black History Month I’m highlighting black excellence in Metal/Rock/Punk. In a scene and culture predominantly yt, my mission is to bring attention and normalize POC in these scenes for all sides of the spectrum, to be viewed and defined as individuals by our own creative definitions, not the stereotypes that have been laid down before us.

This artists as a powerful presence that can be heard with his crushing voice and strong lyrics, based out of Chicago, I’ll give you the force that is Adam Warren of Oceano! Coupled with the heavy hits of this band, he brings fury with everyone scream and growl!

If your looking for a quiet evening this is not the band for you but if your looking to Rage then welcome to our dominion fam! Check out “Lucid Reality” and “Dawn of Descent” and that’s just the tip of this metalcore iceberg

Rise and Rage Family!


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