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Mar 12, 2019Music Corner

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The music corner is about individual songs that have an impact on me. This isn’t about which band is or isn’t batter or what genre is the greatest etc.

Sometimes the songs connect to a memory and an experience in the past, like the song Remember When by Bad Wolves.

A lot of times, I will also do some research on the band and their meaning on the songs – and it’s interesting because Tommy Vext, lead singer for Bad Wolves didn’t exactly have the most amazing upbringing. I fought pretty hard to get where he is. He and his twin had the same options and yet each one took a different path.

I think that’s why I connect with this song so much. I have a younger brother that I was separated from at 13 (he was 11) because “I was a bad influence” rather than getting me help and support via therapy or other resources. I need help. And yet, their idea of help and support was to keep me busy with music, gymnastics, and dancing – rather than helping me find ways to deal with the neglect and abandonment from my biological parents.

I miss my brother every day – and I have no idea how his life turned out but I’d like to think he’s got a good one.

And this song reminds me of when we were little, playing together at the playground or with the toys at home. He was the cool one in my book – while I am the one that struggled so hard.

I still fight my demons all the time, the guilt and the shame and all the heaviness that comes with it. And it’s music that gets me through most of it. I am healing and mending a little bit every day – and music brings the parts that need a little bit more attention to my own awareness.

What song connects to you in your feels? Want to write about it?


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