Rocktober Fest at Pipestem

Music and Beer – what’s not to love about that. We went on a bit of a road trip to attend Rocktober Fest at Pipestem Event Center in Pipestem West Virginia.

Although I am not a beer drinker – and I am sure my that goes against my German Heritage in some kind of a way – it took be about 5 different tastings to find THE one. And who would have thought it be a German Pilsner Malt, figures.

One of the reasons I love to go to shows and festivals is because I am always introduced to new bands and their music and this time it was no different.

Leader of Me, a metal band straight out of Morgantown WVA. I really enjoyed their set and the bullhorn was pretty sweet – but maybe that’s just me.

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We caught some of Waste Down Rebels at the Blue Ridge Rock Festival and were excited to actually see them again and fully experience them in all their glory.

Waste Down Rebels is from just up the road in Frederick, MD bringing their hard rock entertainment to the stage wherever they go.

The band was formed in the summer of 2012 and released its first EP entitled “Beyond the Waste” on December 22, 2012, followed by their 2nd full-length album “WDR II” released April 2014. 

The Rebels share combined competitiveness that brings forth a positive fierceness that excels on original recordings and live stage performances.

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DramaScream is a hard rock band whose songs range from headbanging to heart pounding. Explosive, authentic and determined this band is on a mission.

DramaScream combines in your face screams with melodic vocals. From upbeat to dark and scary riffs!


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Losing September has become one of my favorite bands since I saw them for the first time at Metal in the Mountains. And in true fan-girding fashion and a few beers, I made sure I met them and told them so (sorry guys, blame the beer for real).

Losing September is a group of modern-day Pirates with tires and gas in place of mast and wind. Using music as their declaration of Freedom

Losing September

But what may have made me fall in love with them even more is that they have found a way for Larry to be a full member of the band – not just as a screw member – but he plays with them. Larry is deaf but that doesn’t stop him from playing music like the rest of them.

In the words by Bruce Fane

Everyone deserve to feel the music and play!

Bruce Fane

And as a special needs mom, whose kid is partially deaf – it was everything because people just need to believe in others and be supportive and then anything is possible.

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I saw Post Profit engage in shenanigans like trying to play musical chairs in-between sets – and it was highly entertaining even before they hit the stage.

Post Profit is an alternative rock band out of Longview, Texas! I do love me some alternative every now and again and I enjoyed the high-energy they brought to the show.

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The mission for Eve to Adam is simply to reignite rock by staying consistent with their vision, intention, and determination to play it forward, no matte what’s going on in the world today.

Having seen them not too long ago at Food Truck Frenzy, I anticipated the straight jacket just like before – but that is perhaps a bit of a drawing point. Having been someone who has listened to them for a long time, it was well worth the drive and the wait to see them again.

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And now I am off to safe the date for Rocktober Fest at Pipestem for October 3rd, 2020!

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