Blue Ridge Rock Festival

This past weekend, I attended the Blue Ridge Rock Festival here in Virginia – and I must say I was a bit overwhelmed a few times but overall had a pleasant experience.

We arrived Friday evening, meeting up with our camping group and got us set up. One thing to share with you, that if you don’t want attention from other campers, don’t get a VW tent.

A camping we go at Blue Ridge Rock Festival

It drew in a copious amount of people commenting on the coolness of it, wanting to look inside and even take pictures.

But I don’t regret getting this tent in the least bit either. Sorry mates!

I think because it was at a much smaller venue the year prior, I was looking forward to similar feel of last year – where everyone was kind, courteous and it brought people together. I didn’t experience that at all.

I know from conversations that in general people believed that the majority of people were awesome but other than the people I knew – those strangers where everything but. And I do believe it’s because of the amount of people that were in attendance which is our 15,0000+.

A Feasting Beast at Blue Ridge Rock Festival

However, despite the rudeness I experienced, I won one of the three custom guitar raffles.

These guys from A Feasting Beast added their signature right as I was picking it up and stashing it in my car to keep it safe.

Also these guys were fantastic!

Blue Ridge Rock Festival

And the cool thing is that I got to meet Ron – who I had just interviewed a few weeks prior.

I think we were both stunned that I won because he told me that he thought the name was familiar but couldn’t quite place it.

You can check out our conversation here!

Other than a few asinine people, however, I am happy to have experienced the event and see Flaw, A Feasting Beast, New Years Day, Red, Memphis May Fire, IPrevail, Of Mice & Men, Beartooth, A Day to Remember and The Offspring.

I definitely think that A Day Remember brought the house down (not literally) – but never have I experienced so many people jumping at the same time. It was an amazing time.

And seeing The Offspring live was definitely a dream come true. I’ve been wanting to see them since the day they broke out into the music scene and been a fan.

While this was definitely a cool experience, I don’t know if I am a fan of these larger festivals or if I am going to try to stick to the smaller venues. I have one more big festival ahead of me that’s going to perhaps determine my future shenanigans.

So my attendance at next years Blue Ridge Rock Festival will depend on a few things – who are the bands playing and how bad do I want to see them or would I prefer to see them at a smaller show.

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