Music Corner – Metal in the Mountains

You know how it goes, you go to one festival and now you’re hooked.. that’s pretty much the story and with that, I attended Metal in the Mountains 2019 this weekend. And it was what I anticipated and much more.

Upon arriving, you could immediately connect with some of the bands that were already on sight – from having pictures taken with them, to having them sign autographs and of course getting that merch to represent your favorite band.

And then you just got ready for a day of music supporting the ones you came to see as well as getting to know new bands you may have never heard about before.

There were definitely bands I came to see like Seasons, Black Plage, Losing September, Flaw, Silent Ire as well as Snipers of Babel – just to mention those. Some of these guys I hadn’t seen live yet but was familiar with the music and it was everything – I mean everything. It’s the songs that speak to you and seeing them on stage just adds an extra element that drives it home, of why you’re supporting this or that band.

But perhaps the highlight of Metal in the Mountains is the part where you get to have those pictures taken – because let’s be honest, if you’ve gone to another venue to see a band plus the headliner, getting a meet + greet usually costs quote of bit extra. And even with other festivals, there is that extra cost added – but here you literally can bump into a bassist or drummer without realizing it unless you’re familiar with the band of course.

And something that I experienced first hand is that the musicians truly WANT to know their fan base. Their egos and heads haven’t gotten so big yet that they’ve lost the purpose of why they started the band in the first place. And they understand that without their fans, they wouldn’t be in business. I certainly appreciated the realness of the musicians I met and introduced myself too. It was great to see them be open and genuine in their interactions with people. After all they are people too.

I will say that my overall experience of Metal in the Mountains was awesome and I am already am looking forward to next year.

Here is something that I appreciated from the promoter that helped a lot in handling my partner’s Type 1 Diabetes: the ability to drop off insulin and syringes and whatever else he would need to manage his health.

Because we couldn’t leave the venue and then come back, we had to come up with a game plan for while we were on festival grounds- and I would have preferred the ability to leave and come back, there are definitely reasons of why this was not an option this year.

I mention this because it can actually be quite challenging to travel with syringes and all the needs – and as an event participant, it’s really important that medical needs can be accommodated no matter the situation. So if you’re planning on traveling to a festival and have a medical condition that requires medication – don’t hesitate to reach out to them and ask questions.

With social media these days, they often will make themselves available – and if not them then a team that supports them in some capacity i.e. answering questions.

I will say that my partner was able to recognize that his sugar was dropping a little too much and the moment we mentioned it at the Funnel Cake Station, the lady was on point giving him a little bit of the slushy lemonade before making the funnel cake (that he didn’t finish – I polished that off). My partner just needed enough to raise his sugar and all was well.

But that’s the thing about this particular community – the promoter, the bands, the people – most everyone gives a damn and will do what it takes to keep people safe while having fun.

This is the kind of event one will one to attend again and again and you’re wondering how they are going to top this year and make it even better.

I guess we’ll have to wait and find out.

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Petra Monaco is an artist, author, and professional problem solver for creatives, rebels, and multi-passionates.

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