Today’s interview is with Chauncy Jones (CJ) an up-and-coming YouTuber just at the beginning of his journey. And this is what passion and dream look like when you’re just getting started.

In our short conversation, we talked about the purpose of his Youtube Channel and what got him started. There’s something refreshing seeing another person with a positive mental attitude (PMA as my son calls it) that is motivating and inspiring even for someone like me who’s been been doing this for some time.

Chauncy is very entertaining and had me laughing right along with our conversation. But there’s something that inspired me more really because as I mentioned he’s just getting started and he was willing to talk with me about his purpose and mission and dreams. His YouTube Channel will be focused on gaming but I suspect you will also find the occasional motivational message and showing off his artwork as well as the artwork of his friends.

And honestly, I can’t wait to see him rise to the top and interview him again in the future to talk about his journey – which I will be happily sharing with my son who has similar aspirations. And then CJ offered to help and support my son (whenever he would be ready) because similar to myself, CJ wants other folks to succeed.

Be sure to subscribe to his Channel and see what he’s up to.

Petra Monaco

Petra Monaco

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