For Black History Month I’m highlighting and appreciating Black excellence breaking down barriers and crashing the stereotypical mindset in Metal/Punk/Rock .

We all too often are alienated because of our individualism, confusing both sides of the spectrum that can’t accept us for the people we are. Again this is why I’m doing this, it’s important to me and many others. My intentions are so that everyone (both black and white) can see the greatness that is the artists in these genres.

So today I’m presenting to you not one but two amazing young artists from Richmond, Va. They both are very vocal and active for equality and justice in their communities and state. Merging hard-hitting lyrics and screams with some heavy riffs, birthed the TrapMetal of Aura RVA!

I give you, vocalist Nyshawn Shalik Rudd and guitarist Andre Deese! This amazing band with this killer line up give me great hope for blackness in the scene for years to come! The voice for the voiceless can be heard and felt with Nyshawn’s powerful lyrics and projection accompanied by Andre’s talented powerful shredding.

If you haven’t heard of this band then today is the day! They just released a killer Ep ROOTS! This past January! Check out “Hope is a Prison” and my personal favorite “Unstable(smoked out)” on Spotify and YouTube!!Rise and Rage

Josh Lewis

Josh Lewis

The Rebels Den

Josh Lewis is the founder of AlphaZero - A Charlottesville-based Show booking company that hopes to bring a fun and inclusive edge to the DMV music scene. We operate on the principles of trust family and respect.
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