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May 18, 2019Music Corner

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Do you ever have pinch myself moments? I recently experienced such a moment.

 Hugo Ferreira from Tantric and Petra Monaco at The Lounge at Ledo in Lynchburg.

Standing not 2 feet away from my favorite bands – to experience a fist bump with Hugo from Tantric and trying to keep it cool because you know I am an adult. Hanging out with people like Seasons and new friends just a chatting and laughing away. Then topped with getting a picture taking with Hugo himself. My 16 year old self is still fan girling all over herself.

Tantric is by far in the top 5 of my favorite bands and the lyrics for me anyway, can be applied to just about any situation.

Allow me to quote myself

I lose myself in the music + find myself in the lyrics and it feels like coming home.

Petra Monaco

I feel like this just about through every song from Tantric – like the song Mourning for example… it’s about a breakup where the love feels a bit one-sided and it’s time to call it quits. But to me that doesn’t just have to be between two people as a couple, this could really be a relationship with anyone. You can only give so much before it is time to walk away.

Warner Bros. Records
© 2005 WMG Mourning (Video)

Perhaps you love your mom but it isn’t returned the same way or a friend that you thought was your best friend and the other person just doesn’t feel the same.

We all are always at different stages in our lives and some people will stay while some are only to be with us for a brief time. I think the key is that it is okay to give yourself permission to mourn the separation to have that grieving period.

It really doesn’t matter the break of a relationship or friendship and in some cases even with family members. It’s a hard thing to go through especially when you realize you are the one giving 100% and the other person can’t even be bothered.

Something amazing about the songs and the lyrics is that you can interpret to help you with whatever you are going through. They can mean different things to different people, depending on your experiences and the way one lives their life. 


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