Mayhem in the Ville Pt 2

Nov 16, 2019Music Corner

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FP Ghost Productions has done it again with another segment of Mayhem in the Ville featuring Guerrilla Radio, Spiral Fracture, Gradual Slip, and Pen My Legacy!

Let me start off by saying that the venue was fantastic – Decipher Brewing, Veteran owned and operated, and the German Pilsner was on point. Go like their Facebook Page, would you?

Right on time, Guerrilla Radio kicked it off with their punk and hard rock cover songs featuring the 90s, 00s, and 10s. The crowd totally loved the set and was ready to throw it down. Follow their Facebook Page Here!

Following a brief intermission, took to the stage. Spiral Fracture is an American Extreme-Progressive Metal band from Richmond, VA, formed in 2011. Since the formation, Spiral Fracture released an 8-track EP studio album entitled The Site of Suffering in 2013 recorded and mixed by Darth Fader Studios of Richmond, VA. Go like their Facebook Page!

I am thrilled to bring this interview to you as Amanda is the new vocalist – only just announced this last week, and the band shared with me how it all went down and what we can expect to hear from them next.

The current line-up consists of four members with vocalist Amanda Perry, drummer Brian Fisher, guitarist Dave Givens, and bassist Brian Tanner.

And it’s always a pleasant surprise to discover new music and be introduced to new bands. I was immediately hooked on Gradual Slip – a metalcore band that formed in Olney, MD. With their heavy music, the message is clear, there is no shame in seeking help for mental health challenges. Go like their Facebook Page Here!

In my interview with Tristan and Zach, they laid it all out for me and I love the transparency these guys show with their own challenges and the impact they are trying to create in this world.

Pen My Legacy – the headliner once again brought to the show. Formed in March of 2018 by Vocalist Steve Goula and Drummer Josh Bailey. The band went through several lineup changes until they met guitarist Cliff Comstock. Almost a year later the band was contacted by guitarist/vocalist Brad Lentz who would join the band soon after. This lineup set out to write new music quickly and the single Contriver was written soon after. Half a year later Chad Pritchett joined as bassist and rounded out the lineup.

Pen My Legacy looks to make a positive impact on their scene both through their music and their actions. And I had the pleasure to speak with the band about passion, goals and dreams and their music! Be sure to like their Facebook Page!

Interested in being interviewed? Contact me and let’s set something up!


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