Using Your Intuition to Make Better Decisions

Some people think that intuition is a mystical ability to make decisions based on an internal “knowing” provided by some magical entity or magic. The truth is much less exciting and romantic, but it’s still just as useful. Intuition is just the ability to use your knowledge, conscious or unconscious, to make decisions quickly.

Realize You Know Things

There are things you know, not because you studied it, but just because you’ve always known it. For example, if you hear the word “ball,” you already know what that is and have for longer than you can remember learning it. We all have that type of knowledge that we gather over time. You also have the knowledge that you learn purposefully that your mind remembers even if you aren’t aware of it.

Seek to Understand the Issue

Anytime you need to make a choice instead of focusing on that choice or what to do, focus on learning about the issue from every angle so that you can make decisions based on more knowledge.

Know the Place of Passion and Desire

Some people mistake passion or desire for intuition, but that’s not it. Intuition is more like a feeling of knowing the answer without being sure why you know the answer. Often it just comes to you, even if you don’t like it. So, passion and desire are not essential to make a choice based on intuition. However, when narrowing the field, they are the two factors that will help you make your final choice.

Map Out the Possible Impact

Take the time to figure out what is going to happen based on the choice you are making. That way, the next time you have a decision to make you can use what you learned from this situation to better inform your intuition later.

Seek Education and Experience

The practice of being a lifelong learner will increase your knowledge and therefore make your intuition more accurate. Even things you don’t think you remember do make an impression on your mind and help you improve the results and effectiveness of intuitive decision-making.

Practice Mindfulness

Staying aware of the here and now will help you be more accepting of your thoughts, feelings, and environmental sensations that affect your choices. Many people like to meditate on an opportunity before coming to a decision because they can clear the mind clutter and allow their intuition to really come to fruition.

Most people believe that making an intuition-focused choice means that they should do this without checking the facts, as soon as the thought comes to mind, but if you want to make your intuition better, you’ll need to be willing to use analytics and reason to check up on yourself. The more you double-check, the more accurate your intuition will become because of the knowledge you’re developing in your subconscious and conscious mind.

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