How to go from Dreamer to Doer

I have always been a dreamer since I was little. In part, it was fueled by avoiding my reality which wasn’t the happiest of times. It wasn’t bad enough my parents were unable to raise me but my foster family was quite abusive – at least to today’s standards.

Anyway, to escape from being yelled at and told I wasn’t good enough to achieve anything, I escaped into the world of imagination and dreams.
I would sing loudly going to the grocery store thinking this would be my way of being discovered.

I was always putting my best foot forward whether it be in gymnastics, playing the flute or at dance recitals because I knew I had a special talent and. It wasn’t until years later that I recognized that I just wanted to be rescued.

And so, I continued to dream about the things I would do one day, where I would live and the kind of relationships I would have. I dreamed about supporting the people in my life follow their own dreams.

I wanted to make art and sell it and started my art business and while the practical part came easy to me, it became a much bigger adventure into my own past, uncovering a lot of my own story. The parts I couldn’t see clearly that were holding me back and each year I was getting closer and closer to my dream.

And here is what I realized that in the end, my dream was just simply being myself. But being yourself is easier said than done. It required self-acceptance, knowing who you are and truly loving myself. No longer worrying about what other people think and just follow my heart and with that my calling.

No longer worrying about what other people think and just following your heart.

It is time to stop sacrificing yourself and get in the game of creating the life that feels good. I may not be a famous singer, actress, dancer or gymnast and that is okay. My mission and vision for my own life are much bigger these days.

And it requires putting one foot in front of the other. It will mean defining what you want in your life and acknowledging how you want to feel.
It may mean to be creative and do some reverse engineering so you can create a vision of your life.

Great Exercise for you to try:

  • Write down where you want to be in 3 years (or 5 or 10). Don’t hold back and don’t leave anything out. Silence the noise of negativity and just write what life will be like.
  • Look at what you have written and pulled out the things that are not happening or you have not achieved yet.
  • These will become your goals.
  • Brainstorm the actions you will need to take to achieve these goals.
  • Now create a timeline of actions – mark them on your calendar. Give them a deadline too!
  • Start taking action.

Slowly but surely, you will go from dreamer to doer. But if you are ready to dig in your heels and get support, sign up for Rebel Kickstart where we will smash the doubt and leap you into action.

About the author

Petra Monaco is an artist, author, and professional problem solver for creatives, rebels, and multi-passionates.

She is here to help you remove frustration from your life and achieve your creative dreams with more ease and confidence.


  1. This was such and inspiring post! I loved reading about it. I will definitely try some of those exercises. Personally I struggle a lot with actually taking action and reaching out. But seeing other people succeed does inspire me a lot!
    ~ Sofie

  2. Great advice. I am trying to do this too- I myself am also a huge dreamer but used to be much less of a do-er…I would have trouble keeping up consistently and following through with things. I’m getting better though…my blog has helped me with discipline a lot I truly believe, lol! I am going full force into my dream of working with animals and making it work even though it will for sure be a struggle and I COULD have just stayed in my “comfortable” and “adequate” job for quite awhile because of the flexibility and benefits. It’s a great starting point and I enjoy where I work- but I also know that social work is not for me- maybe I’ll come back to it someday but right now I just really dream of working in a zoo or an aquarium!

    1. Thanks! I fully believe in working and doing what we enjoy, otherwise we are just wasting time right? And yay for discipline haha we all can use more of that.

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