Rise of the Loser Festival is coming to West Virginia

Jan 11, 2020Music Corner

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Sometimes I come on Facebook and find the best news, like this one: Rise of the Loser Festival is coming to West Virginia!

Why is this great news? It’s three hours from my house but more importantly, it addresses some important awareness around mental health and of course, I am a bit smitten (ok maybe a lot!)with Losing September. Also, I like the guy from Pipestem Event Center!

I had the honor to talk to Bruce not too long ago, check it out here!

Losing September

I know that Losing September believes that adversity can be overcome and that you do not have to deal with mental health challenges on your own.

As a former mental health counselor, the challenges of mental health come in many forms and it’s time (absolute time) to remove the stigma and continue to raise awareness.

At some point, every single human has to know that there’s nothing wrong with you, that you are not broken and that you can get the support and help you need to face those inner demons!

And there’s nothing better than raising awareness than do it with music!

I know first hand that trauma creates mental health issues that can leave us broken. I will not sit here and say that growing up in foster care didn’t somehow impact my mental health negatively, or watching my son almost die didn’t leave some kind of permanent scar.

Writing about it, telling people about it and music have gotten me through the darkest times and there’s no question in my mind that music will continue to be that one thing that can ground me like no other tool.

But not everything works for everyone and the only way you can figure out what will work for you is to take the first step to go on a journey to explore what can help you face your own inner demons.

So, join us on July 24th + 25th in Pipestem West Virginia for the Rise of the Loser Festival!

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