Rise and Rage Metal Night January 2020

FP Ghost Productions has done it again and brought Rise and Rage Metal Night to the Charlottesville area at Shooter’s Billiards + Restaurant. The Production company was founded in 2019 by Josh Lewis and Dan Abrams with support from Emily Mussey. FP Ghost Productions has the total package, lights sound promotion and security and are committed to bringing Heavy Metal to everyone in Charlottesville and the surrounding areas.

Ok but enough about them for a moment, let’s talk about the bands that came out.

3Peace a progressive Nu-Metal band out of Staunton, VA have only been together a short time and you would have never guessed that this show was their first show officially as a band. I was definitely into their entire set and can’t wait to see what they will unleash in the future.

There aren’t any gigs lined up as of yet, but you can stay up-to-date with what 3Peace is up to here on their Facebook Page! Check out my interview with 3Peace below!

Next up, we have Ghost Logic, straight out of Charlottesville, and I was so thrilled to finally catch them live. The minute they stepped on stage, I heard that 80’s metal influence and I was swept away. I don’t know you can take the woman out of the ’80s but can’t take the ’80s out of her I suppose. But anywho, if you haven’t seen them or even heard of them, then I suggest you check them out. I know my ki was a bit disappointed he couldn’t be there.

Their next show is on February 8, 2020, Metalheads Help Donate Toys to Children’s Hospital! – be sure to like their Facebook Page and check out the interview below!

As much as I love going to the big headliner shows, I may just love the local venues more because sweet mercy you just don’t know what to expect sometimes. The moment One Slack Mind took the stage it was was really like “where have they been all of my life”. Between the spoken words, the singing and the growling, you just knew you found something great.

Formed in 1999…..One Slack Mind is a thick, detuned, body shot to the solar plexus doubling you over with the gravity of its nasty riffs and original hooks. One Slack Mind, comprised of several DC rock veterans, is steadily touring the mid-Atlantic amassing a fan base and distributing their music to the glassy-eyed masses.

Their next show is on February 8, 2020, Metalheads Help Donate Toys to Children’s Hospital! – be sure to like their Facebook Page and check out the interview below!

And next up, was GraveBound – a band that I have probably seen as many times as one of my top favorites. Richmond-based Metalcore band, GraveBound was formed in the early spring of 2019. Created from the ashes of the band Heard By Eyes, the newly re-branded GraveBound have reset their sights on the tense issues of today. With a passion for heavy music and a love for people, the quartet hopes to tackle socio-economic issues like depression and self-doubt head-on.

The energy was on point and even with a minor snafu the crowd didn’t care and was moshing it up. I have yet to be disappointed at one of their shows and this time is no different.

Go give their Facebook Page a like so you can stay-up-to-date with what they have going on and shows that are coming up. In the meantime, watch the interview below – we briefly cover a not so easy topic to talk about, but I appreciate the transparency and willingness to share!

I can’t wait for the next show announcement that will be another Rise and Rage Metal Night in our local area!

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