You have permission to change your mind

I fully believe that dreams enter our awareness because the Universe believes that we are just the right person to bring it into reality. But you have permission to change your mind at any moment’s notice.

Sometimes it takes us a while to get behind the idea because we have the tendency to overthink and overcomplicate things.

And when we do that, we tend to doubt ourselves, question our ability and concluded that we are not good enough or smart enough.

That ego is a fickle beast.

And then you start to do your mindset work because you know that this will be essential to get going. Get your head right and you start taking action.

You find yourself getting excited and work on the idea and even making progress and all over sudden, the light goes out.

You are uninspired and unmotivated and you think to yourself, what the actual hell?

Once upon a time I was motivated and inspired to become a licensed professional counselor and three years into working towards that dream, I changed my mind.

I struggled with giving up this dream when I put so much work into it like I was 6 months away from taking the exam. I didn’t work so hard to give up, right?

But something became incredibly clear, if it doesn’t light me up, I am not going to do it. If it doesn’t support my dreams and goals, I am not going to make it happen.

You can give yourself permission to change your mind!

And so, I did even though I wasn’t quite sure what my next step would be or what any of it would look like.

Our journey is about exploring and following our ideas and where the energy flows. It’s trusting our intuition and believe without a shadow of a doubt that when we follow said intuition, we are always on the right path.

It is about learning what brings us joy and noticing what really lights us up.

I had no idea that I would be coaching to help you follow your dreams and focus on your goals while at the same time coming into harmony with yourself. But nothing lights me up more than supporting you in creating a life that feels utterly true to you and achieving the things you once only dreamt about.

So, if you are at a crossroads on about what you should do next, get quiet and listen to the intuition, allow it to guide you and give yourself permission to follow that direction.

Sometimes we don’t know how to tune into our intuition and we can use a little bit of guidance and help, then let’s get together and get that sorted!

About the author

Petra Monaco is an artist, author, and professional problem solver for creatives, rebels, and multi-passionates.

She is here to help you remove frustration from your life and achieve your creative dreams with more ease and confidence.

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