And there are times in your life where you get stuck and you don’t know what, how, when and where.

A coaching + consulting session can help you gain the clarity you need to get started and sort out what it means to start living and how to make it happen.

Think about our biggest struggle right now and what it would mean to have a path to move through it with a nudge or motivation and someone who can give you a different perspective.

I thought I knew what Petra was going to share with me when I booked a session with her, boy, was I surprised! She listened to me, without judgment, and gave me things to take action on right away that made a real difference. Feeling overwhelmed and putting myself last was my daily reaction to everything that has to be done, and I thought I had dealt with a lot of these things a long time ago. Petra’s help inspired me to set up a new framework so that I can get things done AND take care of me. Have a conversation with her, I recommend it! 

Julia R.

Our session really helped me understand that it’s actually perfectly normal to be in this complex situation and to have a multi-layered approach to finding a solution to what I’m going through. I think I was looking for an “either-or”, and when doing so, when I would get frustrated,  I would throw everything out the window. Now when I feel a little overwhelmed, I breathe and realize that I’m taking the right steps and eventually things will be more streamlined. You really helped me to feel not alone and normal in my own right. 

Laura D.

This session is yours and together will dive into working through what you want and how you can start moving towards your dreams and goals.

We will spend 1-hour together via zoom hash out whatever has your stuck and create an action plan with practical steps you can achieve. 

Your Investment is $147

Petra and I talked about what’s been blocking my path to greater success with my business.  In just one half-hour session, she gave me some very good simple ideas to use every day to help me achieve both my personal and business goals.  

Tobi C.

Petra is a great support by offering a practical plan to clear away personal road blocks so I can stay connected with my true intention and goal.  

Kerry L.

After our coaching session

  • You will have the clarity of where you want to go and really know what’s holding you back
  • You will have more confidence in yourself because you are no longer weaponless in fact you’ll have tools and resources to aid you
  • You have an action plan that makes sense to you and where you want to go and it’s doable 

Your Investment is $147

You have questions, I have answers:

What if I live in a different timezone, how does that work?

Technology is an amazing thing and so we can connect via the interwebs. All of my sessions are done via Zoom.

I’ve never worked with a coach before, what’s the process?

Click the Get Started button to start the enrolling process and it will guide you through each step from paying your invoice and answering a quick questionnaire to help me get to know you prior to our call. Once all of that has been received by me, I am sending you the link to my booking calendar for your session.

Is there a payment plan available for the Clarity Session? 

No. The full payment is due when you book your session.

Is there a refund for the Clarity Session?

In general, a refund is not usually offered unless in cases of emergency and they are evaluated on a case by case basis!  

If during the session you decide you want to work with me for a longer period of time, the investment of your clarity session will be credited towards the cost of the full program.

Your Investment is $147

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