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Jul 24, 2020Intuition

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Intuition will ask you to show up and challenge your fear so you can play bigger. I know this for me, that if it scares you so much that you almost piss your pants, then you are called to step out. Here are a few things that you can do to challenge your fear:

Start where you are in small and tiny steps

What really scares you is that your belief you should make big huge leaps and it’s more about taking tiny and consistent steps forward. What tiny thing can you do today to move forward?

Believe in yourself and trust that you know

Think back about a moment in your life where you believed in yourself. Now take this feeling and transfer it into the present moment and really feel it as you are visualizing your next steps. Trust that your intuition is guiding you and that you know what to do.

Challenge that fear by writing it down

This is perhaps one of my favorite journaling activities because I get to proof fear aka the ego wrong in many ways. Take your journal or a piece of paper and write down your fear. Now create a list of evidence to show whether it is true or false. If it’s true, journal what you can do about it.

From Thought to Actoin

Do something different from what you have always done

This will without question challenge you and push your comfort zone which is the point! You aren’t going to move forward and achieve your dreams by doing what you have always done. You will need to take it and just get over yourself.

Join the Thought from Action Challenge

Life’s busy with a ton of things on your list that you need to get done and then you have this fleeting thought of a goal you would like to focus on. 

This challenge is about getting the clarity and zoning in on your actions! 

I created the From Thought to Action Challenge, because so many times I encountered having a thought that sounds really exciting but then making excuses of not taking action.  

I love challenging myself to see what I can get done in 7 days, 14 days or even 30 days and have created a blog with all its content, written a book and created coloring books in 30 days or less all from having a single thought. 

Creating a single focus doesn’t mean neglecting all the other things that need to get done but when you ask yourself “what are going to make happen?” and allow the thoughts to enter and then choose one goal with clarity and focus, can make an immediate shift in your life or business. 

So what big goal do you want to achieve? Don’t be afraid to dream a little bigger and make the goal a bit scary and use the resources I’ve created to make it happen. 

So, are you up for the challenge?


  1. Kirstie Ganobsik

    I love the idea of starting tiny. When I’ve been overwhelmed by fear, a tiny action can be the springboard that launches me into more action. Great tips in this one!

    • Petra

      Thanks! Tendency to get overwhelmed because it feels so much bigger is probably the #1 cause of not doing anything. 🙂 Love that you know that tiny action will bring that bigger action piece.


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