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I’ve been sharing with you the importance of a mailing list and I hope you’ve taken the time to start growing your email list at this point. So I am going to believe that you’ve been proactive about it, today I want to share with you how you that list can also help you grow your blog! 

An Email to Your List Each Time You Post 

One of the simplest things you can do to leverage your list is to write and send a quick email to them each time you publish a blog post. This will keep them engaged, brings them back to your blog over and over again, and helps you grow your reach and traffic as they share your posts. 

The biggest advantage of doing this is that you can personalize each message. For example if you mention a product in your blog post, you can promote it in the email message as well. 

A Blog Automation 

If you prefer to automate this process, you can set up a blog automation. Done right, this can be just as effective as a “personal” email to your list. You can set up the blog automation so it goes out either as soon as you publish a new post, or you can have it aggregate your posts and send out one email with a link to the most recent posts on a certain day of the week. 

Refer to your autoresponder service for instructions on how to set this up. Most will allow you to customize and format these emails to make them easy to read and look nice. The biggest disadvantage to using blog automation is that you can’t tweak and personalize the auto-generated messages easily. The big advantage is that it’s all on auto-pilot. There’s no extra work on your end and no need to remember to send the email. 

A Weekly Newsletter 

And of course, you can use it for your newsletter! Here you can share what’s been going on in your blog, on your social media sites, in your real life, etc. I use activecampgain* and have been able to send my blog posts from The Journal Eclipse fully pulled into the email, which means there is no need to click on any links – and they can choose to do so if they want to check out my shop, courses or membership. 

For the Rebels Den Newsletter, I just add a snipped of the post as I also have other things inside of that email and people will need to click on the link to see the whole post. 

Any of those are great options to send content to your mailing list and leverage your blog posts. You can focus on just one method or mix and match for the best results. The important thing is to get started and mail your list regularly. 

*this is my affiliate link, if you sign up for a paid product, I receive a small commission for no additional cost to you. 

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