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Aug 15, 2022Grow that List

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Joint Venture Giveaways are perfect for the small business owner, to put focus on growing the email list which then increases not only visibility but income.

By collaborating with other small business owners, the people that sign up are winning because you recognize collaboration over competition and give them access to amazing resources to help them go to the next level. I wrote about how I grow my email list with summits, bundles, and giveaways in this post.

Through the events, you will

  • Build Your List – For every customer who signs up for the summits and giveaways and purchases the bundles, the individual will access the contributor’s website to obtain their product. When they do, they’ll sign up for your mailing list. This is the main motivation behind the joint venture giveaway, bundle and submit events – adding dozens, or hundreds, of new leads to your business!
  • You Can Earn More Money through our bundle events!  When you promote the Bundles, you will be provided with an affiliate link where you will earn 50% commissions for the purchase of their bundle package.

Events that I have coming up are:

  • The Love your Life Summit is happening September 19-30 – I want people to know that they can fall in love with their life no matter where they are in the stages of it.
  • Your Best Year Bundle November 7 – 18, 2022  – People can have the best year every year with the right tools and resources.
  • Make an Impact Giveaway January 9 – 22, 2023 – as business owners, we can make an impact because even a drop in the ocean creates a ripple.
  • The Rebels Roundtable is a 2-day event on March 15 + 16, 2023 – forging your own path and doing things your way without falling into the box of others is challenging and rewarding work. I want to talk about the good, the bad, and the pitfalls.
  • Workshop Bundle from May 8 – 20, 2023 – you have a workshop that changes the lives of people – let’s share it and promote you and your work while also making money!
  • Create your Life Giveaway on 7/10/23 through 7/23/23 – everyone can create the life they want with the right tools and resources.

Join Us as a Contributor & Speaker in our Virtual Summits, Bundle & Giveaway Events


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