Best Year Bundle

We are looking forward to building a bundle targeted that helps people have the best year – whether this is a planner, a course, or an ebook for those in the personal development and self-help industry!  

Dates are: January 17th – January 28th

Join us for the Best Year Bundle!

 The Basic bundle will sell for $27 which is an excellent price point for promoting to your list.

Buyers will choose instead of choosing Deluxe bundle for only $47 which will include everything in the basic bundle, PLUS training geared specifically towards helping those in the self-help industry grow their biz.

We are giving our bundle buyers plenty of time to sign up for products which will encourage them to download and use them right away instead of grabbing them all and then they sit on their computer. 

They will have until February 15th to grab any of the products and trainings they feel connected to use. During this time we will be sending out emails about different products to remind them of the great things they have access to. 

Why Join The Bundle?

  • Build a targeted list. Our bundle will be focusing on helping people have the best year getting started with their health, business, spiritual and creative goals. 
  • You earn 50% commission. Purchases through your affiliate link will earn you 50% commission on their bundle purchase. 

What Are The Requirements?

  • Create or select a product. Make this a product that really showcases what you do. This product should not be given away for free anywhere and should not have been in a bundle or giveaway before. This keeps the integrity and value of the bundle. Test your system and make sure all the steps necessary for a buyer to pick it up are in working order.  
  • Submit your info on the form. Please make sure you fill out all the information as we use this form for building everything and keeping track of your information. Make your product description 2-3 sentences that will wow buyers. I require everything to be in working order when you submit so we can test it. This means less customer service for all of us! If a coupon is needed, use BestYear22 and set it for the day you submit through February 15th. Also, think big and set it for 1000+ uses.
  • Promote the bundle. We will provide you with an affiliate link and swipes for emails and social media that you can easily use to promote. Including pretty graphics. We are making it easy for you to schedule a minimum of two emails for your list.

Please note that you will not get a master list of the bundle buyers. All bundle buyers will have the right to sign up for only the products and businesses they are interested in. This gives you a much more targeted list!

We are looking forward to your awesome submission to the Your Best Year Bundle.

About the author

Petra Monaco is an artist, author, and professional problem solver for creatives, rebels, and multi-passionates.

She is here to help you remove frustration from your life and achieve your creative dreams with more ease and confidence.