Interview with Sarah Bloom Kinser

Have you ever heard about a mobile paint party? I am so excited to share with you Sarah’s story of how she turned her passion into a business by filling a purpose and need in her little corner of Oregon.

When you’re an artist and creative, the one thought that can keep you up at night is “how can I make this into a full-time career”. And then with one thought, a new opportunity shows you how this is possible.

Sarah is sharing her story of moving what feels like a gazillion times during her childhood and realizing that the constant moving actually guided her into her art business. She also openly shares challenges she experienced such as depression but realizing that art is the key for her own mental health.

Sarah is self-taught in her mediums of painting and jewelry making and whatever else she feels called to create. Her passion is her art, from murals, mixed media art, upcycled jewelry to mobile painting and jewelry making parties.

And talk about filling a need for something I believe we all ought to have more of, time to create. Her mobile art studio allows her to travel up and down the west coast and a bit inland that facilitates a closer bond with the participants.

She shares how a church had hired her for a painting party and how she could feel the fellowship becoming a little bit closer within their already existing relationships.

Sarah’s Painting Party take approximately 2-3 hours and she has room for 15 participants. If a larger group is wanted then hosting location will need to provide tables and chairs.

During the painting party, Sarah will walk you through each art piece step-by-step with teaching you the basic brush techniques. She encourages you to use your own color imagination because after all this is your painting.

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