Interview with Heather Fein

There’s something incredibly fun about the interviews I have with people and I often try to follow a theme but when Heather Fein and I get together – you are meeting two unsupervised women – which by the way is Heather’s new jam she’s unleashing soon into the world.

And that’s the thing about this interview series, she shows up with your amazing self whatever that looks like and let’s talk about the real things going on in the world – without sugarcoating it all the while still be accepting of other people’s point of views.

Heather is taking her activism to a new level with Unsupervised Women, and I cannot wait how this unfolds – and as you watch and listen to our conversation you will hear what this means.

Heather and I talked about the labels that we carry around – sometimes to our knowledge and sometimes we aren’t even aware. We talked a little bit about the state of the world and a hodgepodge of other things that I can’t really put into words – the only thing I have to say about it is that when Heather and I get together on a chat, you just never know how it will turned out and what the results will be for either of us.

And my vision is that when you are watching and listening to this conversation that you gain some amazing insights about yourself and perhaps the world around you.

As a nonconformist aka Rebel, I appreciate what Heather brings to the table in helping others shed the stories, stigma, and labels put upon us women – in which we are stepping outside of the box given to us by society and the world around us.

Knowing who you are, claiming your identity and owning that and love yourself in ways no one else can, is perhaps one of the most rebellious things you can do in this world. And I am so damn excited for you to experience this radical nonconforming life with the guidance and support from Heather.

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