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Jul 1, 2019Interviews

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In a world where everyone tells you who or what to be and do, there are some people who show you that you can create a life doing what you’re passionate about.

Ruth Humphreys former librarian – now storyteller and inner child reconnector – has done just that.

Ruth storytelling performances include a range of tales including traditional fairy stories, myths, and fables with a twist and original stories. What’s really amazing is that no two performances are the same as the children help create the experience and adapt the story to the environment and audience. 

This, of course, means that the storytelling is quite interactive by using a range of props designed for children to help fuel their imagination, but also encourage children to act out parts of the stories, decide on details or choose what happens next from a range of adventures of options.

But Ruth isn’t really just about storytelling to the kids – as a multi-passionate creative and artist, she also helps adults reconnect to their own inner child.

From an early age, as children become teenagers and then adults, we are told to think with our heads, to be realistic and stop living with our heads in the clouds.

However, whatever we wanted to be, the things we dreamt up in our imagination as kids, matters in our lives and in our careers. And this is where Ruth Humphreys can really help you dive into that inner child of yours with her challenge “Find your Playful Mission”.

Ruth mentioned her “Live your Childhood Dream” Interview series – you can check those videos out as well and just learn a little bit more about her and the folks she had a conversation with.

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