Interview with Jennifer Rohner

Are you the heroine of your own life? Do you rely on others or do you allow yourself to be the person you need to conquer whatever is getting in the way?

This is my conversation with Jennifer Rohner – among other things. Jennifer and I connected probably about 4 years ago in an entrepreneurial Facebook Group or three. Our path seemed to cross time and again until we became Facebook Friends. And I am excited to share our conversation with you.

Anytime I think about the people in my world that are writers, Jennifer Rohner is the one that comes to mind. She journals just about daily, is (finally) writing her novel while at the same time writing blog posts and copy for business owners.

She is also a self-proclaimed fangirl with a huge love for Star Wars and Games of Thrones. I’ll be honest, I haven’t seen much of any of it but I love her message nonetheless. And her message is clear for the work that she does:

For the Fangirl who knows she’s a #Superheroine in the making–and is ready to OWN her inner power!

Jennifer Rohner

There is something very beautiful to watch the shows, the movies or read the book and be able to find yourself within them. There’s an element of the character that we identify with that we either want to let go of or in fact embody into our every day being.

Just think about your favorite movie and then the characters for a moment. What part of them appeals to you and how does that apply to life in this moment?

Sometimes I think fiction can be the most powerful self-help tool for us but the challenge is to acknowledge that while it may be fiction, that doesn’t mean it couldn’t be YOUR reality.

And this is the work beyond writing for Jennifer. If you’d like to connect with her so you can start becoming the heroine of your own world, then reach out to her on her Facebook Page.

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  1. Such a fun interview! Thanks so much for having me on the show! Nothing like talking about being who you really are in a world with so many rules. One of my favorite topics!

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