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Sep 2, 2019Interviews

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I am thrilled to bring you one of the most giving people I’ve met in quite some time. Jean and I connected a few years ago, when she offered free conversations, once a month – but the requirement was that you are committed and show up every single time.

Jean Hamilton-Fford took a bit of a hiatus from everything and has recently reconnected and here we are – having a conversation about it all.

There comes a time in life and business where you just need to take a time out, pivot the direction of how you show up so you can stay in your core values – whatever those are for you.

The key is to learn how to stay in tune with yourself and be guided from within and Jean does this quiet eloquantly.

There is also the point where we have to choose the things that bring us joy and this will look different for everyone but when you can get up and look forward to the work you’re doing, then that is would you will want to be doing.

Jean Hamilton-Fford brings up a great point that you can absolutely dive into learning anything and everything but that until your heart and mind meet one another, and you allow everything to unfold as it will, in essence there will be struggle.

I absolutely love how Jean follows what calls her by sharing her writing through Mrs. Cannings Marvelous Magic – Through a monthly subscription, you’ll receive a newsletter with information and links to help you immerse fully into the books and the world that is Mrs Cannings Marvelous Magic. 

Jean also has an amazing offer at the very end of our conversation – with a wee bit of a requirement so be sure to listen to it all the way through!

You can find her books on Amazon and if you have listened all the way to the end and you’re willing to take her up on her offer, send her a message here on her Facebook Page.

If you or someone you know would love to be featured on The Rebels Den Interview Series, let’s connect!


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