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Mar 25, 2019Interviews

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Today’s interview is with my friend Ladina who I met maybe around 4 years ago in a workbook group to achieve goals and I was just starting my business full-time. She’s been a great support and I am just sad that she lives on the other side of the world.

In our conversation, we talk about the high’s and lows about getting started in your business and how sometimes you have to take a step back and put on a pause button on your dreams.

Building a business with your skills, gifts, and talents aren’t what some people like for you to believe and I so appreciate Ladina’s honesty in our conversation. I am also excited that she’s picking it back up and recommitting to her photography and her creativity.

Ladina shares some really great nuggets about blending a family, focusing on being financially stable while following your dreams. And something really great came out of this.

Ladina in addition to family photos will also create stock photos and she’s so open about the style. It’s literally something I’ve been struggling with because I am just not into rosegold, glitter, and pink for branding – and I am also not about being too clean and organized in my branding style. So white desks with coffee cups don’t really appeal to me – even though coffee is a theme in my life. I like messy, chaos and punk-rock style and I for one cannot wait until she releases those because I am sure to be one of her customer’s.

So if you’re tired of the same old stock photos for branding purpose, reach out to Ladina and let her know what you are looking for. The feedback from other’s who may in a similar boat as me, will be incredibly valuable to her as she’s building her own platform.

And please be sure to like her page right here!

At this time of the interview release, Ladina’s website is finally taking share. You can visit the website here.


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