Interview with Adam Feasey

I’m stoked to bring you the interview with Adam Feasey from Adam and the Hellcats for many reasons.

Let’s start with that Adam and the Hellcats, along with other bands, are going to play for a Fundraiser supporting people with disabilities.

Secondly, I love talking to people who are transparent and an open book about the high’s and lows when it comes to life but also when it comes to embracing who you are and rise through challenges.

I encourage you to watch this video in it’s entirety because this speaks volumes on who Adam is and he’s not his diagnosis.

Adam is very transparent about his journey from being diagnosed with Aspergers at the age of 9 and getting into music shortly after.

Quite often, when people receive a diagnosis they are put in a box and written off. But Adam despite various challenges has figured out his passion and decided to follow it.

Everyone can follow their passions and their dreams when they make a choice to do so. As a mom of an extra needs kiddo, I see that being supported in your interest matters – but your abilities are supported.

I love that Adam’s dad not only is part of his band but has been an incredible support for him to follow his passions.

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And if you are in the area of Lincoln Drill Hall, Freeschool Lane, Lincoln, LN2 1EY on February 23rd, then head on to this event “The Perfect Day Festival are delighted to come together to offer a great night of live music to raise funds for both Lincoln Arts Trust, who own and run Lincoln Drill Hall and A Perfect Day – Lincolnshire’s amazing disability festival. The evening is aimed at disabled people and carers alike” (Lincoln Drill Hall).

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