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Oct 14, 2019Interviews

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Earlier this year, I had the pleasure to be introduced to Misgiving from Richmond, Virginia. Tyler’s energy on stage is absolutely insane and I knew that I wanted them to be part of The Rebels Den Conversations.

And so when I saw them not too long ago, I took a moment to talk with Tyler to see if he was open to the idea as I am not a radio station and focus more on following your dreams, goals + passions and overcoming the challenges a long the way.

I appreciate Tyler’s and Joseph’s transparency and honesty when it comes to staying focused on the end goal – which is being in the band and playing music. They also share candidly about their friendship and how they maneuver some of the challenges in life as well as with the passion and purpose in life – which is to make music.

Tyler also shares some personal struggles he has experienced in his lifetime but that it also keeps him moving forward.

When it comes to their songwriting, the two of them are definitely a team. Joseph shares a bit about how he comes up with the tunes while Tyler’s focus is more on the lyrical side of things.

We also talk about the friendship with what others may think as competition, but anytime you go to a show where Gravebound or Seasons is around, you can see the support is absolutely amazing. As Tyler shares, there is some level of competition, but they are all just trying to do what they love and why would you not support that – even if you are in the same genre of music or industry. And that may actually be my favorite part about the music scene in Richmond. And it was evident when Kyle Richards from Gravebound filled in on Guitar and Jarod Silvey joined in for some vocals with Tyler.

Misgiving have a new single coming out soon, so be sure to check here for its release.

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