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Feb 17, 2020Interviews

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One of the best parts of The Rebels Den Interviews is that I get to talk to interesting people like I did in an Interview with Melinda J. Kelly, watch and listen below!

Melinda J. Kelly started her journey in her family’s business and she shares her journey of reinventing herself and that sometimes you have to do it over and over again, and that in essence could be to creating the life you want.

You stay with your reinvented self until it no longer fits and then start the process again, wear the new you for a while until the next challenge of change arises and you have to make a decision on how to move forward.

The bigger challenge may be however trusting that you have made the best decision for yourself because you will without a doubt question it again and again. And perhaps life is meant to be embraced in the moments, acknowledging your happiness, waking up with purpose and muddle through the confusion – but even in the confusion life can be exhilarating!

In the interview, Melinda J. Kelly shares about the book “Finding Your Coach – diving deep within” and she poses the questions: What if you are making life harder than it needs to be? What if you are brave enough and listen to your own inner guidance and find the answer that you have been looking for everywhere else?

Her book invites you to not steer away from questions but rather explore them to gain a more meaningful understanding of yourself and how you move through your world.

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But perhaps more than anything else, I invite you to connect with her for a call because what I have learned during our interview and even after is that her insight and perspective can be the keystone to reinventing your life and trust the process and the journey.


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