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Oct 28, 2019Interviews

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Cindy English is the mom of three amazing talented young women that are the faces of Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh. Not only do are they followers of Christ – they are in fact a beauty core heavy metal band.

Cindy shares in the interview how the girls found music and have been supported by both mom and day to pursue their dreams through music lessons and developing a business and career out of it.

From their website:

The most important goal of GFM is to use their gifts to reach people for God and to always spread a positive message.  The stage is their home, and they want to share their home with their fans.

In this interview, I am taking a little bit of a different direction – and it’s about being supported to follow your passion, dreams + goals.

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As someone who grew up during the 80’s and people all over preaching that Heavy Metal is devil worshipping music, it’s refreshing to see Christians emerge more than ever in this genre.

Even though, Christian Metal bands have in fact existed, with the likes of Stryper, Barren Cross, Holy Soldier, Bloodgood, Tourniquet – and they may have been referred to as White Metal during those years.

And yet to this day, there is a controversy around what others believe heavy metal stands for and I absolutely love that Cindy has and continues to support her girls in following their dreams – even if some may not stand with them. They have a very clear mission and message – and we can all appreciate that I think.

I am honored that Cindy English took the time to speak with me the last time they were in the area.

Check out the Video for “Can you promise me that this will never end”

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