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Jun 3, 2019Interviews

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This isn’t really an interview but rather me, Petra Monaco, sharing with you about what I am about, where I come from and why I do the work that I do.

I would really mean the world to me if you watched and listen to what I share. When I had the idea of sorta doing an interview with myself, I was entertained and then I was worried.

Worried about what you think about this.

But then I shared this with a few people, this idea I had and they totally believe that this would be a great thing to do. And voila.

Something that I often face is challenging myself to tell MY story. Because I am not anything special, or smarter or better than you. My story isn’t necessarily like anyone else, but plenty of people in this world have faced adversity, hardship and utter chaos.

And every now and again I am reminded that I need to be telling my story and that my story matters because otherwise, the work I do would be utterly pointless.

When watching this video, you may think – how did she do this and how did she keep going?

I have this optimism in that I believe anything is possible – okay maybe not just anything – but if you want to have

  • a better life that excites you
  • a career that matters
  • improved relationships

Then yes, all of that is without question possible.

Or just maybe you want to

  • start a business to be your own boss
  • write a book to share your world
  • create art to keep and sell

All that too is possible.

And what I am sharing with you, is really just a small part in my life but perhaps the biggest challenge I’ve ever faced. A challenge where the outcome could not be predicted and everything evolved around keeping the faith that everything will indeed work out.

You can also check out my website over at Petra Monaco – click here – this is where you find links to the books I’ve written and any media exposure I had over the years.

You can see my art at Three Times Chaos – click here

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