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May 27, 2019Interviews

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Sometimes when you invite people to your Facebook page, you make some really great connections, as I did with Martha. She shared some amazing things in her journey to becoming an author and how one idea can just kinda take over.

During the conversation, we did experience a little bit of the freezing of the screen – but you can still hear the conversation without interruption.

I loved everything about my conversation with Martha Duke Anderson. And here’s why:

She took early retirement to write and that if you don’t know I am a huge fan of following your passions and doing the work you can’t wait to get out of bed for.

Her stories are inspired by her former career and stories she’s been told by generations before her. It’s an amazing way to keep family moments alive but also the realization how different life was some years ago.

Golden Threads by Martha Duke Anderson

Her first book which is Golden Threads: One woman’s journey that will change her life forever (a story of love and compassion)

What Martha Duke Anderson didn’t expect is to write about a topic that pushed her comfort zone as it has never been pushed before. But again what was most amazing in how her latest book came together – it wouldn’t let her go.

She had a thought, it formulated itself and boom the book was written – but you really have to watch and listen to the interview on how it truly unfolded. It’s one of those things that get me all excited because once again there’s inspired action, despite the fear and the uncomfortable feeling that came with this book.

On the River's Edge by Martha Duke Anderson

On the River’s Edge takes on the far-reaching effects of rape on its victims and everyone they touch. Each discovers things within themselves; things they never thought possible – the dark, the ugly, the evil, as well as the tender, sweet, and good.

Connect with Martha on her Facebook Page: Martha Duke Anderson Books


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