If you feel scattered, ground yourself. We are currently in uncertain times and it can feel like the end of days.

This uncertainty…

I’ve been there before .. the not knowing… not giving into fear but keeping a steady pace of “keep going” – even if it is a bit altered and looks different for awhile .. adjusting and adapting…

this uncertainty …

we lived it … months in the hospital with weeks on a breathing tube due to a collapsed lung and then fluid and so much other stuff … the not knowing that became our normal for a long time

this uncertainty…

it doesn’t feel good – and I don’t care whether you think this is hype or not – my kid fought way too hard for his life and will forever be immune-suppressed and I am so good with all the precautions that are being taken

I believe in being proactive rather than reactive – and yes I am being inconvenienced and it’s impacting part of my work already but even if it’s a bit drastic and over the top – again it is what it is and now we ride the wave and make the not knowing our new normal.

Let’s practice a little bit more compassion with a little bit more grace… have a little bit more patience

I want to honor and am going to honor the feelings of people and hold space

When you experience a feeling of being scattered, it’s a gentle reminder to ground yourself. Go outside with your feet firmly planted on the ground and feel the etheric roots that extend deeply into the earth. With each exhale, imagine the roots going deeper and each time you inhale draw on the nurturing power from mother earth.

Think about how trees are rooted and standing in balance with their branches reaching up and out as giving thanks and praise. The roots are deeply planted into the soil and give back by accommodating the needs of other plants and the animals that surround them.

See the strength in being rooted into the earth as your ground yourself, allow yourself to be reminded of your own strength. Your spark (dreams and goals) are the light you are moving towards too but not only upward but recognize that as you are grounded that you have an impact on those around you.

In contrast, not all trees are deeply rooted and supported by mother nature. Sometimes grounding yourself to remove the scatteredness is to be willing to let go of what no longer fits into your journey.

Trees that are not contributing to nature are let go to make room for new growth. As you stand outside and strengthening your roots, be willing to recognize the parts in your life that have reached the end and let them go, so you have room to bring new focus into your being.

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Petra Monaco

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