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Dec 1, 2019Blogging

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I love writing and therefore I love blogging and I thought I would share how to master your blog content and never run out of things to write about.

This blog has over 300 posts since it started in January 2019 and it can be challenging what to write about. But when you know the mission of your own blog, then it makes content development so much easier. As it stands right now, I have already mapped out 2020 helping me make my life a little easier.

It all starts with defining what the mission of your blog is, what’s the big vision you see and the impact you want to create with it. I can’t stress this point enough, because when you know this, your blog content will be relatively easy.

The Rebels Den has about 28 main categories because I decided to run it like a magazine every single month. This helps me develop a content calendar that hence me already being done with that part for the upcoming year.

Of course, you may not have that many categories, and you could focus on a weekly or monthly theme instead as you are sitting down to develop a plan.

Once you have your main topic identified, it’s time to outline the blog post.

  1. Write down the main topic
  2. Create a bullet list with 3 sub-topics that you want to highlight
  3. Write your blog post either in google docs or on paper
  4. Get it on the blog and publish it

Something that helps me is to create blogging sessions, where I will tackle several blog posts usually around 3 or 4 and schedule them once they are written.

This is an awesome way to manage your time and have room for more creative activities and you won’t struggle to write a post every time you are needing to write a post for your blog.

Having a plan on what to write about and when will help you master your blog content and stop you from spinning your wheels on what you will share on your blog.



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