Use a Blog to Problem-Solve Your Way to Success

Feb 23, 2020Blogging

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A blog to problem-solve can help you while helping the world around you! There isn’t a person that hasn’t encountered a problem or two in life and for some, the process of moving past challenges seems easy. For others, however, there seems to be a battle to push back against everything standing in your way.

And just like there are many ways to Rome, there are multiple ways to find a solution for a problem. Some of them prefer to stick their head into the sand and hope they’ll go away while others are actively seeking advice and guidance to find a solution.

In the workshops I lead, our problem-solving begins with naming the problem, creating a list of solutions, and then choosing one thing from the list to try out. Something that doesn’t usually come up is to start a blog but from personal experience, I found this the most helpful for me.

Blogging is a digital method of journaling and can help you organize and work through your thoughts, share with a global audience that is interested in the topic and can relate to your journey.

I believe that you have the answers you are seeking and the solutions to problems, and sometimes it’s great to get feedback from people who are objective and not directly involved in your life. Receiving advice from a myriad of individuals can help you through the biggest struggles by sharing their own experiences or ideas.

But perhaps more than anything else, sharing your journey can help others through their own dark times which can give you a deep sense of personal satisfaction and pride.

Blogging is not difficult, nor does it cost much to implement.  It’s something that everyone, regardless of age or gender, can do to work through their problems, set goals, and achieve them.

One of the most wonderful things about becoming a blogger who showcases their personal growth and development online, is that you have the opportunity to look back over time on your journey to see how you were able to overcome the odds and work through issues that you once thought were insurmountable.

And since a blog is a digital record, you won’t have to haul a stack of 10 print journals out of your closet and read through every written word to try to find a particular memory.

You’ll be able to tag and categorize your entries with dates and keywords so that you can effortlessly retrieve access to them at any given moment. This is very beneficial for those who want to use their past as a stepping stone to success as opposed to a crutch that allows them to stay mired in problems.

Rebels Guide to Blogging

This guide was created for one reason: to move you into blogging!

You can have a blog in a matter of hours if you choose.

This guide will walk you through the basic steps of getting started and set up your very first blog.



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