Last week I shared with how Affirmations can help shift your thinking. What I didn’t mention is how it can and most likely will trigger you and your dark side.

The moment you choose to engage in positive thinking such as “I am successful” your mind will go down the proverbial rabbit hole and remind you of all the reasons you how this affirmation is bullshit and that you are a failure.

But you’re not a failure or a mistake – it just the moment you want to feel goodness in your life, your mind is literally like nope this isn’t safe and we don’t know what this all means and so your mind is trying to work against you.

But this is good. Like really really good.

And here’s why:

It’s going to make you look at the dark side. To really take a look inside yourself, to look at the pain and the wounds that have not been healed yet.

Life is not all rainbows, unicorns and glitter. You can have that probably 90% of the time but not until you to the internal work to explore what’s triggering the thoughts within you.

Not looking at your dark side is like sweeping the dirt under the rug because you don’t want to clear it.

Affirmations work if you are willing to go all in and not just spew positivity 24 hours a day but also acknowledge that you are being triggered by the thoughts of “I am enough” or “I am beautiful”.

Triggers are your invitation to explore your dark side, to go inside of you and acknowledge that something stirred the pot, analyze the reason or reasons of why that made you uncomfortable, sad or mad and then choose to do something about it. Choose to heal it in whatever way feels good to you.

I see so many people talk about “just use affirmations” to change your life but they don’t talk about the dark side, the triggers that are going to happen and that without doing the internal work – your mindset isn’t going to change.

One of the things I learned in my CBT (Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy) training is that in order to change your thinking, you have to change your behavior and if you want to change your behavior you will need to change your thinking.

But this will not happen without recognizing the triggers, the things that words and phrases make you feel. They make you feel something for a reason, an old wound of some kind.

And if you’re ready to go visit the dark side then

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Petra Monaco

Petra Monaco

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Petra Monaco is a published author, coach, mom and breaks the status quo for fun. As a foster kid, she knows the challenges and excuses people make as she rewrote her own story and then worked her way through to become a Master's level therapist. However, after watching her son fight for his life due to a rare genetic disorder and three liver transplants, she now coaches creatives and multi-passionates to stop waiting for “one day” and the “perfect moments’. Petra helps you dive deeply into the heart of things in order to discover your next steps, inspires you to set up your own personal framework so you can break free from fear, doubt, and overwhelm so you can start creating the life you want now. Petra uses her personal story to inspire and motivate people into doing the work they need to do to create change because she believes that your excuses are just avoidance. You can have the cake and eat it too if you're willing to show up for it!
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