5 Adult Stigmas Most of Us Will Experience at Some Point

Oct 14, 2022Discovery

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There are many childish things that become adult stigmas as you age. And they can put you off doing certain things that might actually improve your life. Here are some of the most common adult stigmas that many of us will face at some point in our lives if we haven’t already.

Adult Stigmas

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Getting Adult Braces

Getting braces as an adult is one of the biggest stigmas right now. It’s a silly one when you think that all someone wants to do is make their smile better. But when you want this kind of dental treatment as an adult, it’s often thought that you couldn’t pay for them when you were younger, and which can carry some kind of family shame. Which, of course, is very childish. However, if you don’t like the idea of adult braces, you can get other effective treatments like Invisalign.

A Learning Difficulties

A learning disability is a lack of intelligence and trouble doing everyday things. For example, doing housework, going out with friends, or managing money. These have effects that last a person’s whole life. A learning difficulty is when you have trouble with skills that help you learn, like reading and writing. Intelligence is not affected by a learning disability. Common examples are dyslexia, dyscalculia, attention deficit disorder, and dyspraxia (coordination issues).

Adult Stigmas Include Not Having a Car

In most places, having a car is a rite of passage. It means that as a young adult, you are becoming your own person and relying less on other people. People in the USA, for example, think that people who don’t have cars can’t afford them or can’t pass tests. But there are many reasons why someone might not have a car, even if it’s a big deal in some places. These include things like epilepsy, taking certain medicines, and worries about the environment.

Not Going to College

This is a major one in nations like the USA. In the United States, almost 80% of people who took part in a recent survey agreed that not going to college is seen as a bad thing, and 70% of those people said they had been treated differently because they didn’t go to college. Even going to a community college can have problems. Many students think that their friends will laugh at them for heading to a community college, even though many of them are very good.

Financial Insecurity

Money has become a huge source of fights in recent years. “Money can’t buy happiness,” they say. But it does buy security. And there is a huge stigma around not having enough money to cover thighs like medical costs, emergencies, and even enough food and clothing. But the fact is that almost half of Americans don’t have enough money for these basics. And because prices are getting so high, even people in the so-called middle class will feel the pinch by 2023/24.


Some adult stigmas can all but ruin your outlook on life as if you never left the schoolyard. These include adult braces, not having a vehicle, and going through financial troubles.


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