What is Crystal Healing

Feb 20, 2019Discovery

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Are you curious about crystals and how they can help with healing?

Crystal healing places trust on the use of energy fields. It’s connecting human and crystal energy into the same field.

Albert Einstein’s work shows the relationship between Energy (E) and the mass (m) speed of light (c) in the following equation E = mc2 and according to his work “Everything in life is vibration” (Albert Einstein).

Of course, there are those that that refuse to accept or believe that there is a connection and since they don’t believe in crystal healing, you will find little if not zero information about this particular healing study.

And yet Nikola Tesla in his own research referred to crystals as living beings because they create light effects, vibrations, and electricity. And the color and the light is the result of energy vibrating at different frequencies.

We can trace crystal healing back to ancient Sumerians and even the Ancient Egyptians are known to have used crystals in their jewelry. And the Ancient Greeks as well believed in the healing properties of the crystals. For example, amethyst in Greek means “not drunk” and was worn as an amulet to avoid drunkness and hangovers.

The use of crystals can help with negative thoughts of others and enhance one’s mental and psychic abilities.

And research into history shows that specific crystals and gems for physical, mental and spiritual healing have been used for more than thousands of years.

The use of crystals can be found just about anywhere such as computers and wrist watches. And although it isn’t commonly used in western medicine more information is coming about to show that humans express a number of different vibrational frequencies and certain crystals can have a definitive and positive effect on the human’s health.

Research continues to show the interplay of energy fields and it shows that everything is influenced based on the interaction between crystals and humans.


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