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Apr 26, 2019Discovery

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Do you find yourself stuck or living in a fog and wish you had some kind of clarity in all areas of your life?

Finding clarity is more than just sitting down and writing out a list of goals. It’s really about connecting with your inner self and realize that no one other than yourself can give you the clarity you want.

Take a good long look around you

Are the people you surround yourself with go-getters? Or are they just floating aimlessly through life with no direction? It might be high tide to set some clear boundaries and let people go that keep dragging you down. And then start surrounding yourself with people who are real with you, cheer you on and support you. And yes, this is easier said than done – especially if your living situation doesn’t lend itself to remove people from your life right now. But acknowledging this is a big step.

Be open and mindful

Whether you’re in a relationship or not, some television shows aren’t so great for the mind, like reality tv. I am not one to say cut out television but be mindful of what you are allowing your brain to enter. I think finding your own harmony within the things you enjoy (music, TV, and books) and the things that will help you grow is a good way to balance it.

There are some people in this world that say to not read anything other than non-fiction and stop watching TV all together unless it’s educational and gets you thinking. I am not of that thought, however. I devoured a ton of self-help books – even written my own – but you have to be able to take a step back and allow your mind to process the information. And funny enough, I found my clarity reading through paranormal fiction than some of the self-help books. Don’t get me wrong reading about personal development is a good thing – but sometimes it can leave you stuck and not take action because you keep thinking you’re not doing life right. Be open, learn and be mindful.

Practice visualization

Visualization and clarity go hand in hand. Having a few minutes in the morning when you wake up or in the evening before bed, take a moment to visualize the life you desire.

Really feel it throughout your body. As you do this each day, you are building the muscle of clarity. Your clarity will get stronger and stronger each day and next thing you know you have the clarity of the goals you want to achieve.

You can’t just sit around and wait for clarity to happen. It’s important to take action, sometimes trial and error is still a good way for you to find what lights you up and what doesn’t.

Clarity is you and your choices, so if you are allowing others to choose your goals and just act like a plastic bottle bobbing around on the oceanÖwho knows where you will end up. Take action today.


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